I joined Ace school from the very first year of this school. The thing I like about this school is that we can showcase our talents and express ourselves without any hesitation through various platforms. Besides studies, I am interested in sports and music. I got the privilege to be the captain of our school’s futsal team.

People say where words fail music speaks. There are a lot of musical programs like class socials, junior kaleidoscope, inter-house competitions where I get to play guitar and express my musical forte. In fact, the school provides equal opportunities to all the students to come forward, learn and showcase their talents. I am grateful to this school for giving us so many platforms to enhance our talents.

Prajwol Gurung


I used to be an introvert and shy person. After joining Ace school, I found the overall environment congenial. My classmates were also very friendly. My teachers were supportive and helpful. Slowly, I started interacting with them. I got involved in various classroom activities together with other friends. I remember our school trip to a place called “Tistung”, where I had so much of fun with my friends. I ate, played, sang and danced throughout the whole trip. It helped develop strong bond with my friends. And now I have many friends who love and support me.

Pranisha Ranabhat


At Ace school, I have learnt so many things. I have learnt to love others. I have learnt that we should study with dedication. I like so many things about my school. I like the food. I like my teachers and my friends because they are very caring. My teachers always teach me to respect people and be a good person. I also like various games. I love to play swing with my friends.

Aaradhya Ghimire

Grade-1 ‘B’

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