Two years ago, I and my husband was in search for good school for our daughter. We had list of requirement to scale that good school and today looking at our daughter growing up we must say the able team of ACE proved that our choice of ACE was correct.

In ACE, Ojaswini is splendidly nurtured physically and mentally. We observed her holistic development and are delighted on her growth. We are amazed to see her development in her learning ability, creative thinking, positive attitude, confidence level, leadership etiquettes and socialized manner. In Ace, her interest in study and ability of self-study has been improved significantly. Similarly, her personality is polished.

Our daughter actually is above average, he academic line and in extra activities. However one can easily spot her as pearl among the children of her age. I am proud to say that my daughter is studying in Ace School.

Mamata Bajracharya

Parent of Ojaswini Bajracharya

“As a parent, there is extreme amount of pressure to choose and start kids at Pre and Elementary school. We have chosen Ace School for our son with high hopes and most striking difference of the school among others is that the school look so meant for kids (Elementary school), we have strong belief that the school will also grow as best school for secondary education too. The School is a tremendous conduit for children to learn respect, problem solving and thinking on higher level. Ace School nurtures children socially and emotionally, as well as cognitively.

The staff at the Ace School not only treats each child as individual but they are also supportive to the family as a whole. The entire staffs are all there to help if a child has a problem, and then to cheer as the child succeeds. We have personal experience of being in that position with our son experiencing one traumatic accident and successfully coming out of it.

We have witnessed the foundation being established at Ace School benefiting my child and we expect it to last a lifetime. Although our experience with the school is only one year till date we have valued and enjoyed this experience from the very beginning.”

Paras & Manju Kunwar

Parent of Pragnaya Kuwar

Earlier, I used to find my child very shy and introvert. With the three years of journey with the Ace School, I have found many positive changes in my child’s activities. The emphasis on developing “Self Esteem” that the school has driven to all the children have helped my child in many more ways. Now she is very open with all her friends/ seniors/teachers, independent and responsible.

Shama Tiwari

Parent of Myeisha Tiwari

I am very happy to have my brother in the school. I have seen him growing in many perspectives. He has become very bold, understanding and faces any kind of challenges. He was quite shy and reserved but there has been a drastic change in him since he had been admitted in this school. He was scared of failures but now faces it all with smile. I am very much satisfied with the development of my child and would any day recommend this school for the child’s growth and development.

Onno C. P. Boots

Anita Agrawal - Sister of Arpit Agrawal