Collaboration and Communication have become very essential for development especially since the advent of technology in these modern times the ability to collaborate effectively is decisive and extremely crucial. Fundamentally communication and collaboration have a principal role to perform in innovation, for in today’s world it is not enough to just come up with big ideas, but also it is very vital to work hard to communicate them clearly.

Keeping this in mind the students of Ace school effectively collaborated on a variety of projects based on Language, Science, Cultural exchange and many more. They collaborated in projects like cultural exchange, alternative sources of energy, exchanging folk tales with various schools.

During these collaborative projects the students exchanged a variety of innovative ideas which empowered learners, made differential ideas accessible, introduced exploratory learning accessible and made learning more creative and developed more engaging and exciting resources for personality development of the learners. And we as teachers could visibly see these transformations happening right in front of us in our students.

We have successfully collaborated with schools inside and outside Nepal such that the children are aware of the status of education in and around Nepal. Some notable schools are Bodhi International School from India, Gonagala Viduhala School from Srilanka, Razia Sultan Razia Girls High School from Afghanistan only naming a few.