We, educators are fortunate because we have young saplings, our students, to tend to and we as mentors should help our students recognize scores of access to possibilities in which they stand out. It is to us to make a large and positive difference to how well our children do at school by stimulating them with a love of lifelong learning.
The unprecedented change in the teaching-learning pedagogy in the 21st century has many things to offer to education system. Students are motivated to walk either independently or hand in hand as compared to earlier times when they were predominantly made to walk, taking by the hand. Consequently, they can cover some extra mile even if they fail many times before they reach the desired destination.

A positive and compatible environment is requisite for our children to encourage and motivate each one of them to reach their fullest potential with diversity in activities and pedagogies in the classrooms, fieldwork and outdoors. We have to inspire in every student a love of learning.

Our children should be trained how to think rather than what to think. The teachers should act as facilitators and create an environment where the children seek answers to questions like, “What am I learning?”, “How am I learning?” and “Why am I learning?” with all Socratic Hats of Thinking.

Parents, must play a key role in the education of their children. Their words of encouragement, a hug when the day has been rough, their interest in their children’s work, and their presence at school are vital. Their involvement will reflect that they value their children’s gradual growth in terms of academics as well as life skills.

We want the best for our children as they are our future and the world of tomorrow deserves individuals who can meet new challenges and lead fulfilling lives.

This is achievable with the collaborative effort collectively put forth from the children, parents, teachers and the community and supporting congenial environment that promotes growth of each child accommodating the changing dynamics of education.

Such environment incorporating all essential requisites for the holistic development of a child is offered at Ace School which is not just a school but more than a school catering students from year 1-10 and is entirely committed towards nurturing children and inculcates learning culture.

Let’s work together and prepare our children to develop what Howard Gardener calls Five Minds for the Future!

Warm Regards

Anjila Bista Giri