Challenging, Inclusive, and Innovative 

Secondary Years of education at Ace School constitute Grades 6 to 10. The Secondary School offers children the chance to succeed both within and beyond the classroom by embedding a more engaging, rigorous, and challenging curriculum. Their reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities continue to improve as a result of the extensive curriculum and project-based, hands-on learning. Learning becomes relevant and authentic through role plays, simulations, discussions, and dramas. Enough support is given by the teachers to help the students transition from childhood to adolescence.

1Compulsory Nepali5100
2Compulsory English5100
3Compulsory Maths5100
4Compulsory Science5100
5Compulsory Social Studies5100
6Compulsory Health, Population and Environment4100
7Optional I : Maths5100
8Optional II : Computer Science5100

Subjects offered:

  • Language (English and Nepali)
  • Mathematics (Compulsory & Additional)
  • Science, Experimentation, and Evidence-based Conclusion
  • Social Studies and Sociocultural and Emotional Intelligence
  • Computers and Digital Technologies
  • Health & Physical Education

Additional Learning

  • Chinese Language and Culture
  • Spanish Language and Culture
  • Service Learning
  • Outdoor Education
  • Project  Exhibition