Our traditional education system is a one-way process where the teachers provide their classroom delivery without the involvement of the students in the teaching learning process.

This system obviously had many drawbacks such as less involvement of students in the learning process, low collaborative effort in the teaching learning process, difficult learning environment, very less progress in student development etc. But now we have realized that learning needs to be a two way collaborative process where both the teachers and students are integral parties for enhancing the learning process.

Co-creation of learning is a student centric approach to learning where the students are engaged in the inside out process of teaching learning. Students collaborate with the teachers to enhance their learning experience. It involves both the academic learning as well as non-academic or co-curricular learning.

At Ace School, we facilitate our teachers and students for co-creation of learning. Our classroom delivery is a mutual process where our teachers are more like facilitators for students. Students are encouraged to express their ideas and knowledge regarding subject matters and learn through collaboration with their teachers.

We involve our students in various co-curricular activities as a means to co-create outside learning. In fact, our students pro-actively participate and manage most of the events themselves under the facilitation of management and teachers. Students are involved in the conceptualization phase to the execution phase of different events where they get the extensive exposure on practical learning.