Apart from the regular Co-Curricular activities,  Ace School allow students to acquire skills they do not ordinarily get during regular hours in school. Students can choose from a variety of options; the activity that is of special interest to them. These clubs provide excellent networking opportunities for students and a place to meet other people with similar interests and ideas, along with an opportunity for students to take leadership roles.

  • Theatre Club

    The Theatre Club at our school is a beacon for thespians and storytelling enthusiasts, offering a unique platform to dive into the world of drama and performance. This club is more than just an extracurricular activity; it’s a journey into the realm of characters, scripts, and stages, where students can hone their acting, directing, and stagecraft skills. Embracing a spirit of innovation, emotional depth, and dramatic exploration, the club seeks to inspire a community of students passionate about bringing stories to life.

  • Dance Club

    The Dance Club at our school is dedicated to celebrating the art of dance, offering a wide range of opportunities for students keen on exploring different dance forms. The club is designed to nurture budding dancers, providing them with the platform to enhance their techniques, embrace various styles, and express their creativity through movement. It emphasizes the values of collaboration, passion, and artistic expression, aiming to create an inclusive community of dance aficionados.

  • Music club

    The Ace Music Club at our school is committed to nurturing musical talent and appreciation among students, offering a rich variety of resources and opportunities for those passionate about music. The club aims to support emerging musicians and vocalists, helping them to refine their skills, explore diverse musical genres, and develop their unique sound. With an emphasis on collaboration, creativity, and expression, the club strives to build a vibrant community of music enthusiasts.

  • Photography club

    The club’s mission is to enhance and cultivate photography skills among its members. It serves as a collaborative space for students passionate about photography to learn, share, and delve into their photographic abilities. Additionally, the club offers training sessions, workshops, and external excursions.

  • Business club

    The Ace Business Club at our school is dedicated to fostering an entrepreneurial spirit among students, offering a wide array of support services for those interested in the business world. It aims to mentor budding entrepreneurs, helping them to evolve their innovative ideas into strong, scalable, and successful startups. Emphasizing compassion, teamwork, and creativity, the club seeks to cultivate a community of driven individuals.

  • Eloquent

    The Eloquent Club is dedicated to fostering eloquence and articulate expression among its members, creating a vibrant forum for students passionate about enhancing their communication skills. This club offers a dynamic platform for debate, public speaking, and creative writing, providing opportunities for members to engage in workshops, competitions, and interactive sessions. Through these activities, the Eloquent Club aims to cultivate confident speakers and writers, while also encouraging a deeper appreciation for the power of words and effective communication within the school community.

  • Event Management Club

    The Event Management Club plays a pivotal role in the planning and execution of school events, serving as a crucial bridge between the school administration and the student body. This club takes on the responsibility of orchestrating various school functions, ensuring that each event is meticulously planned and seamlessly organized. Members gain invaluable experience in event planning, coordination, and management, all while fostering a closer relationship between students and school officials.