Everyone is welcome to the school premises to get detailed information.

To apply for admission at Ace School, you need to fill in the application form which is available at the school’s reception. The application form can also be downloaded from our website. Brief assessment of the child will be done before admission. The date and other details of assessment will be provided at the time of submission of application form.

The assessment is done so as to take the child forward from the level he/she is in. It is not used as a measuring tool to accept or reject a child.

However, in the upper elementary school, an aptitude test of a child will be taken to understand the child’s attitude and maturity. Since,by this age,children would have developed certain habits and beliefs, we might not be able to take them into our school,if their values are totally different than ours. Though,we believe in not rejecting a child,at the same time we feel that it would be difficult for a child of upper elementary school age to fit into larger group who have got different grooming.

Documents to be submitted with application

  • Two passport size photograph of the students on the admission form.
  • Parent’s passport size photographs on the admission form-1 copy each.
  • Photocopy of Birth registration certification approved by the government.
  • Photocopy of last year’s progress reports from the last school attended.
  • Immunization record for Grade 1 students.
  • Transport Map-if transport is required.

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