Film is considered to be the most important art form because on one hand it is popular source of entertainment, and on other hand it is powerful medium for educating anyone.

Our school believes on showing by doing rather than saying, so we decided to go for a film making.Ace Educational Film Festival is another platform for this.

“We decided to go for visual basis film, ‘Bagmati, A Hope’, considering it to be universal power of communication and was a huge success” -Rishika Agrawal (Student)

We found film making, a very strong tool that can be used at school because it consists of both academic and non academic parameters within itself. Academic parameters consists of story writing, developing it into script and shots, handling and understanding the working of sound booms, camera, lights and reflectors.

“By handling sound booms, now I know, learning through education and learning through experience is vast different, because memorizing definition of light and reflection in science classes was too easy and boring where as balancing light during each shot as required was exciting and challenging -Rijen Kayastha (Student)

Non academic parameters includes helping and respecting each other work considering time constrain, and work pressure.

“After being part of movie making, whenever I go for a movie, during each shot I can visualize makeup artist, dress designer, interior designer, direction of director, and so many other helping hand along with actors on the screen” – Prasaan Bhujel (Student)

Movie making is not simply an activity, it’s the tool to make our student use the knowledge they have learned in the classes to understand and improve the real life scenario and make them prepared for it.

“Hard work always pays off; the proverb worked for me, for the work I did in my grade movie; along with an appreciation, I got offer for a role in a movie ‘Badsha Joot’. My junior Ojaswini, Deepika and Sanjok were also selected for the same movie where as my senior got offer for a role in a movie ‘Ulto Cycle. All thanks to our school.” – Arkesh Giri (Student)