Our Outdoor education program involves experiences in which students participate in a variety of adventurous challenges and outdoor activities. Outdoor education draws upon the philosophy, theory, and practices of experiential education and environmental education. Outdoor education spans the three domains of self, others, and the natural world. The relative emphasis of these three domains varies from one program to another. The children benefit from the various outdoor education programs as they learn how to overcome adversity. It enhances personal and social development and helps in developing deeper relationship with nature. Camping, hiking, rock climbing and nature walk programs are some which we are planning to put into practice in our school.

The foundation of various programmed major treks of the senior students is a day’s trek of the students into the wilderness whereby they learn about the vegetation and natural landscape of the surrounding and get acquainted with the resources available in the suburb. We are also on the process of taking our children on an overnight camping program in order to make the children enjoy the nature and learn from it. Experiences like these would build a comfort level and respect for the abundant natural playgrounds nearby.