We are highly influenced by the concept of “Five Minds for Future” which is propounded by American psychologist, author and theorist, Howard Gardner.

The concept of “Five Minds for Future” is basically about the five characteristics of mind that every individual needs to develop for competing and succeeding in the future.

At Ace School, our teaching-learning methodology and student centric education system is all about helping develop following five minds as suggested by Howard Gardner:

The Disciplined Mind

For developing this state of mind, our school’s teaching-learning emphasis will be on the facts and proven theories so that our students can gain useful knowledge and skills.

The Synthesizing Mind

To develop this mind, our school will focus more on providing resources regarding information technology, standard systems for disseminating the information, collaborative projects etc. so that our students can collect and share best of ideas.

The Creating Mind

To develop this mind of students, our school will emphasize on brainstorming sessions, idea generation, team learning etc. so that our students can try finding to solutions themselves.

The Respectful Mind

To develop this mind, our school will give more attention to behavior development programs, social upbringing programs, student support system, cultivating friendly environment etc. so that our students can appreciate and respect others.

The Ethical Mind

To enhance such mind, our school will focus on areas like self-discipline, rules and regulation, etc. so that our students can know their responsibilities as a child.

Our school aims at developing the 4 C’s of learning that comprises of 4 major aspects: Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Creativity and Communication by emphasizing on the “Five Minds for Future” alongside. The concept of 4 C’s is developed by National Education Association (NEA) of United States of America for the cognitive development of students of K-12 standard.


Our school prioritizes on various teaching learning methodology like encouraging creative ideas, team collaboration, mindfulness programs, etc. so that our students can think and act differently.


For enhancing collaboration skills, our school focuses on various team building activities, team projects, event management etc.so that our students can build their teamwork skills.

Critical Thinking

Our school helps students to develop their critical thinking through implementation of bloom’s taxonomy of learning, formulation of inductive/deductive reasoning sessions, brainstorming techniques, system thinking etc. so that our students can analyze any given situation and form reasonable judgment.


Our school is emphasizes on developing communication skills through interactive classroom sessions, facilitation of different language classes, organizing regular events like public speaking, presentation etc. so that our students can share information with others in an understandable way.