Holi 2075

The festival of color has arrived spreading happiness and excitement once again.

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Super Junior Kaleidoscope 2019

“Super Junior Kaleidoscope 2019” is one of the largest inter school festivals for pre-primary and primary level students.Held on March 2nd,2019 at Ace...

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Middle Block Debate competition

Middle Block Debate competition, based on the topic “Environment protection is more important than development” was held at school’s...

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Junior Kaleidoscope 2019

Junior Kaleidoscope 2019” is one of the largest inter school festivals of its kind and includes a plethora of competitions to participate in wide rang...

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Teacher’s Training Workshop

It was an absolute pleasure to have Ms.Rebecca Jean Good at our school yesterday for a one day teachers’ training workshop and interaction.Ms. Rebecca...

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Gala Event

WCN in association with Ace School organized a gala event which included various activities like1. Tool exhibition2.Leaves rubbing3.Making book marks4...

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Fun Picnic Day

A one day picnic was organized at Godawari yesterday with the participation of all the school members.It was wonderful day with all the teachers,staff...

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Talkstation Ace

The very first session of “Talkstation Ace” was held yesterday at the School’s auditorium hall which included five speakers for the session.”Talkstati...

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Art Exhibition

The three days art workshop held few days back at the school premises gave a lot of insight about the basics and structure of artwork to the students....

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Christmas Fair 2018

Christmas Fair 2018, a funfair Christmas Celebration event was jointly organized by Ace School and Ace Higher Secondary School .The major attractio...

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