Ace School strictly follows the curriculum prescribed by the Government of Nepal for Grades IX and X. The subjects and their weight, according to the curriculum, are given below.

1Compulsory Nepali5100
2Compulsory English5100
3Compulsory Maths5100
4Compulsory Science5100
5Compulsory Social Studies5100
6Compulsory Health, Population and Environment4100
7Optional I : Maths5100
8Optional II : Computer Science5100

Students’ learning is reinforced with the aid of various resource materials along with the assistance of teacher’s guide prepared by CDC.

Language Skills: To enhance the development of language skills, we have Nepali and English novels, manuals and practice books added to the curriculum which not only strengthen students’ language skills but also make them familiar with contemporary affairs.

Multi Faceted Activities: Apart from the classroom teaching-learning various multi faceted activities like field trips and outdoor adventure which is a part of our internal curriculum which have enabled our students to gain confidence and encouraged them to expose themselves to others.