Philosophy of Upper Elementary School

As the children step into the upper elementary level, then comes the time when the foundation that was laid takes the shape of a mansion. Basically, children of this age group are not much familiar with the consequences of their actions. Then is the need to better them socially, emotionally and physically in a way that not only makes them feel important but also responsible. We accomplish this goal by building strong relationships with students and then leveraging those relationships to help students learn and become good citizens in a community of caring faculty and peers.

The Upper Elementary School executes further towards accomplishing the aim of holistic development of every individual and visualizes the necessity of grooming a child with a good deal of affection and concern in a community where they feel secure. This will reduce their hesitation to take the measured risks necessary to support higher academic achievements.

We strive in developing passion! Passion for learning, passion for experimenting, passion for observing, passion for analyzing and hence deriving the conclusion which consequently prepares our young minds for challenges and opportunities that the modern world offers. We thrive to help students identify their potential and acquire the desired target.

Backed up by the core value of respect for one and all, the children at upper elementary school undergo a gradual character building process as they mature. We ensure that they are not only inclined towards attaining academic excellence but at the same time are benevolent and compassionate and are keen to adapt to any situation.

Further in depth details, further add ups to the curriculum, further technicalities and further added responsibilities to the ones already existing only to ensure that the children enjoy their upper elementary school years is our philosophy.

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