Our Journey

Our journey began in mid 2013 at the premise of Ace Institute of Management , with the initial planning phase and getting them executed. In April 2014, the school became a reality. With 34 students, the first day of Ace School in Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu.

The first year, though challenging, was very fulfilling for all of us. We got to see children grow in every aspect to a great extent. The main reason was the multigrade system whereby the children got to experience learning with others of different age. This helped them not to fear their weaknesses and encouraged them to move ahead in their strong subject areas. Enthusiastic team members and active children made it possible host several big functions like the Annual Sports Day and Annual Day. A great year it was where all of us enjoyed the learning and growing each day.

Having laid a strong foundation, we moved on to the second year with 65 children setting a higher mark of achievement for all. Just after two days of the new session, Mother Nature’s call the great earthquake hit us hard. Our lovely building experienced many cracks and it was difficult to convince the parents and children to run classes thereafter such a traumatic experience. Life had to move on, we decided to shift to our pre school premise( Kamal Pokhari) and run the classes. It was not an easy job to get the children out of their fears and gear them towards academics. Here again, the multigrade system where children learn to rely on each other and co-operate worked. It did not take them long to adjust to the new environment and they would readily accept the compromises that we needed to make due to space constraints. Amazingly, the children progressed to our satisfaction. Though we had to face challenges like dealing with fuel crisis and looking for a safe and open environment to run the school, it did not get diverted from working towards our goals. The school was still able to run classes and meet its set target.

The school is now at its new premise in Shaktinagar, Gairigaun. In the new academic year, we will having our classes in a freshly done up place. From here on, it shall move on determined to achieve the goals and teach the students and make a positive difference in the world.

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Ace Sports Day
In and Around Ace School
Group Photo
Rakshya Bandhan 2015
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