Partnership With Karkhana

The exciting mix of robotics and education seems to be dawning. The work being done at Karkhana makes you wish you were an eager little kid again.

Our Partnership with “Karkhana” which is an education company and makerspace with a unique approach to learning has made computer and science classes for the students of grades 5 to 7 fascinating by integrating it and making topics appealing applying the concept of experimentation, collaboration and play as their cornerstone.

Karkhana is a multi-faceted organization that works to bring together education and technology. They generally succeed in doing so by letting the children maneuver the theories practically in a way that suits their technical knowhow. The enrichment classes for students of grades 2 to 4 are also stimulating for the young minds as they enjoy every bit of the class because of the uniqueness in the explaining process and the variety of new things they are able to learn. We sure hope to see some engineers budding up having benefitted from their classes.

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