Ace School has adopted the “ Competence Triangle “ approach based on conceptual framework developed by OECD’s Project, to provide learning environment that enables our children to key competencies that prepare them well for challenges and opportunities that the modern-day world offers. The three broad categories to be developed by the children are…..


  • Use language, symbols and text interactively
  • Use knowledge and information interactively
  • Use technology interactively

We understand, in order to help children use their potential to the fullest, grooming them to explore the available resources interactively is a must. We emphasize on making our students participative, adaptive and interrogative right from the early years.


  • Act within the big picture
  • Form and conduct life plans and personal projects
  • Defend and assert rights, interests, limits and needs

Our motive is to bring out the uniqueness each child possesses and make them self governed and independent individuals. Ace is here to deliver the promise of autonomy and self sufficiency.


  • Relate well to others
  • Co-operate, work in teams
  • Manage and resolve conflicts

Ace facilitates a mixed learning environment where students can connect and grow with children of different age group. We believe age is just a number and this kind of interaction makes Ace a limitless community.

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