Health and Well-being

In order to be able to develop the Key Competencies in our children and prepare for the present day world, we need to ensure that their minds and bodies are healthy. To ensure that the children have peaceful minds, regular yoga classes are scheduled every week. The children are not only taught yoga postures, but also to connect to their mind. Techniques to improve their concentration and memory are also taught. Simplicity , humility the power of believing in oneself and being positive are always emphasized.

Due to the challenges of growing up and also that of the modern-day world, the children have problems and issues which need to get sorted out. For this we have several problem sharing sessions, discussion sessions and group counseling sessions when the problems relate to a larger group. When children need individual help, individual counseling sessions with professional counselors are arranged for. Health camps are organized in an interval of few months to ensure that a child is healthy. Parents are requested to update the school with the information of the child’s health given by their personal doctors and their immunization record. When a child I sick and needs to take particular type of food, special arrangements are made at the school canteen.

The school also organizes workshops for parents in order to equip them better to parent children of today as the school believes in working together with parents to guide them to “Learn to Live a Life”.

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