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Elementary School at Ace comprises of grades One to Five. The foundation programme which prepares the children for future is developed to provide a broad learning experience using various approaches of teaching and learning that accommodate needs of individual child. Every aspect which enhances learning is taken into consideration. The curriculum is designed to nurture the child in all dimensions of his or her life. We strive to instill life skills from the initial stage. As beginners, our children of grade one learn the value of being in a community. By the time they reach the final year of elementary school, they learn to face new challenges with developed level of confidence and effective use of the tools in hand.

From the very beginning children are made to feel that school enhances learning in a way that makes them enjoy their class. We take into consideration that learning is an enjoyable process. It should not appear as an obligation to fulfill but something to feel good about. We don’t believe that a child is open to learning as soon as he or she enters the classroom but believe in creating an environment that induces the feeling of need to understand the topics that will be dealt in the class. Thus, making the process of learning effortless and appealing.

We don’t deal in lessons; we deal in topics. We don’t test knowledge; we test understanding capacity.

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