Multigrade system

Elementary, middle, and upper school classrooms are brought together with abundant space for both individual and common learning in order to encourage cross-age interaction. We know that a first grader can learn from a senior just as much as the senior can learn from the first grader.
Be it through planned activities like field trips and annual events or by letting it happen naturally, children learn together, play sports together, work in classrooms next to each other, and interact throughout the day. These kind of interactions help make Ace not just a school, but a community.

How it works:

Multigrade system is where the children of three vertical ages are kept and taught together in a classroom setting. Children of grade one, two and three are kept in one group and grade four five and six in another. From grade seven and above they are kept in single class/ age group to slowly fit into the formal setting. This system will help our students later on when they enter the real world and they can easily adapt and work with people from different age groups.

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